Travel Writing Strategies: Part Two – Tales of Adventures Past

It’s time to take our travel writing strategies in a totally different direction. Normally, when I have conversation with people about travel writing and essays I’m working on, they’re pieces from a recent trip. Most likely, it’s the last trip I went on and I want to capture the essence of that adventure while it’s relatively fresh in my mind. With every day that passes back at home, the memory fades just a little more. What I want to talk about today is writing about a travel experience in the distant past, maybe a trip you took as a kid, or something from the first time you were in Beijing and you’ve been back several times since.

There are a few reasons one might want to look back to old travels for material.

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Thanks to Ian McEwan, I Have The Worst Book Hangover Ever

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It’s all because of Atonement. I have drank from the well of Ian McEwan and I fear I’ll never be quite the same again. In fact, I know I won’t be the same. I have not thought about a book as much as I have thought about this book. Ever. I haven’t so much as touched another book since I finished it and it has been over two weeks. I am grieving the loss of the characters and not getting to hang out with them. It’s worse than a blaring headache, because a headache can be handled with a few Advil. It’s the writing that won’t let me go. How can we stay in the heads of these characters the whole time without it feeling like the Whinerton’s Family Reunion?

How. Does. He. Do. That?

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