In Review: Watch Me Go

Almost a year ago, I read Mark Wisniewski‘s short story “Straightaway” and was bowled over by how he created white-knuckle tension. Well, have I got good news! That conflict packed tale has grown into a novel titled Watch Me Go and it’s even more hair raising than the original short story.

In “Straightaway” our main character, a young black man from the Bronx, is hauling junk for cash and gets tangled up in the removal of a 55 gallon drum from the crawlspace of house in the middle of nowhere. The premise alone is enough to elevate your blood pressure. Now, enter the extended version, Watch Me Go, and Wisniewski introduces the horse racing culture of upstate New York, and a new character, Jan, whose father was a renown jockey until his early death.

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In Review: The Goldfinch

Admittedly, I’m still in a book hangover because of The Goldfinch. So don’t count on me to have anything but glowing reviews of this book. Yes, it’s almost 800 pages, and yes, you will not do anything but read those 800 pages once you start it. Consider this a warning.

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