Hello and thanks for stopping by.

I’m a writer based in the Pacific NW. When I’m not on an airplane, I’m working on a historical novel, travel essays, memoir vignettes, and short stories. I’m also a WordPress Pro and build custom pages and sites.

There’s a lot of reasons why you may have landed on this site, but here are my guesses:

  1. I’ve submitted work to you and you’re stalking me. Busted!
  2. You want me to help you build your website.
  3. You’re hoping I still have that cheese-making recipe on my blog.

1 and 2, you’re in luck! My blog is loaded with articles on writing, some travel writing essays, some words on history, and of course, shenanigans in far-flung locales. You can use this handy dandy website questionnaire to get started on a web project with me. While I don’t have a cheese recipe (drat!), I did write this open letter about my utter love for cheese and it’s nearly as glorious. Questions? Hit me up.







Professional Bio

Kelly Chastain is a graduate of Pacific University with a BA in Creative Writing. Her work has appeared in The Burrow Press Review, The Citron Review, Cactus Heart Press, Silk Road Review, and has work anthologized in Traveler’s Tales Best Travel Writing Volume 10, and a notable essay in Best American Essays 2015, among others. Currently, she blogs at kellychastain.com and is working on a historical novel.