Best American Essays 2015

It was one of those days. I had slept until noon, lounged in my pajamas until almost 4, and berated myself for most of those hours for not just getting my act together already. Which was all needless nonsense because when the lazies have hit, they have hit, and I have found that sometimes the best counter measure is none at all. I sprawled on the couch resolving to just roll with it. Who cares?! Take. A. Day. Off. Seriously, Type A. Chill.

Well, that was the idea until I got a note from Ann Pryzyzcki at Isthmus telling me that my piece, Diego Forever, had been listed as a notable essay in Best American Essays 2015. While I can’t confirm the specifics of the following events, I have it on good authority that they went something like this…

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2014 List of Books That Changed How I Write

Every year, I attempt to read one book per week, and I’m sad to report that this year I didn’t make it despite giving it my best try. Inevitably, some of the books I read will inform my own writing, and the ones that do tend to shock the pants off of me. This year, was no different. Yes, I read more than four books this year, but these represent the books I read in 2014 that changed how I write.

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Portland Arts and Lectures Presents: Julia Alvarez

Last month, I had hot literary date with Elizabeth! We love to go to readings by some of our favorite authors, and we go every chance we get. Our friends might raise an eyebrow, saying that it’s an excuse for gluten-free restaurant shenanigans and a glass of wine, and maybe we wouldn’t argue too vehemently against their theory. At any rate, we had the privilege of hearing Julia Alvarez speak at the Schnitz, through Literary Arts and their Portland Arts & Lectures series. You already know how much of a fangirl I am for Literary Arts when I gave you the skinny on seeing Salman Rushdie last fall. In case you forgot, they rock! They put writers in the schools, do literary outreach in the community through Delve (I was a liaison!), and honor Oregon authors through the Oregon Book Awards. All fantastic stuff!

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