3 Tips That Will Transform Your Research Time Abroad

Whenever I’m asked about going abroad for research, time management quickly becomes a hot topic. After digging a little further into someone’s research plan and asking how they intend to use their time, I inevitably give the same advice. There are several ways to maximize your time on the ground, but there is one thing that will make your research time abroad more productive and enjoyable and far less stressful than anything else.

It’s also the one thing that most people don’t want to do.

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Milkwood International Writing Residency, Česky Krumlov, Czech Republic

About a year and a half ago, just four months after I funded my own residency in France, I attended a month-long writing stint in Česky Krumlov, Czech Republic. While there, I edited my first book project, hiked every day, applied for grad school, and made a lot of great friends. All the reasons I gave for funding your own residency still ring true and they also go for applying to a residency in general. I love residencies so much that I’m headed to one in Arles, France in July and Assisi, Italy in December. My advice – as if you even asked for it, and as if this will surprise you at all – Do whatever you’ve got to do to make it happen.

Here’s why.

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Why You Need to Fund Your Own Writing Residency

I’m currently sitting in Lyon, France in a sweet little apartment in the Croix-Rousse neighborhood. It’s as charming as it sounds. Even though I applied for four different residencies all over the world, and was accepted for two and declined one, I still decided to fund my own trip abroad to spend some quality time with my book. It had nothing to do with a revolt against the system or a declaration that I can do things better on my own. My decision came from an answer to a question that I asked myself when I sent off all of the applications in the first place – What if I don’t get into a single one? The answer – I’ll go anyway.

So I have. Here’s why you should fund your own residency too.

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