Travel Writing Strategies: Part Two – Tales of Adventures Past

It’s time to take our travel writing strategies in a totally different direction. Normally, when I have conversation with people about travel writing and essays I’m working on, they’re pieces from a recent trip. Most likely, it’s the last trip I went on and I want to capture the essence of that adventure while it’s relatively fresh in my mind. With every day that passes back at home, the memory fades just a little more. What I want to talk about today is writing about a travel experience in the distant past, maybe a trip you took as a kid, or something from the first time you were in Beijing and you’ve been back several times since.

There are a few reasons one might want to look back to old travels for material.

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Travel Writing Strategies: Part One – The Farmer’s Market

You know how much I love travel writing, and lately I’ve been working on two essays from my time in Portugal last January. One is polished and ready to go. Yay! Because I’m on a roll, and taking a mental break from all the debauchery in my novel, I thought I’d spend some time talking about travel writing strategies, and how we don’t have to travel to the end of the world in order to write a great travel essay. Between May and October, my little town hosts a Farmer’s Market every Wednesday, and guess who’s going today. Moi. These pics are from last year. Shhh!

The Mums and The Rooster are headed to my casa for lunch and a little time on a local trail. Afterward, we’ll storm the market. I know, I know, they get a lot of crap as the trendy thing to do, and have been earmarked as Yuppie fun. Forget all that nonsense.

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Portland Arts and Lectures Presents: Julia Alvarez

Last month, I had hot literary date with Elizabeth! We love to go to readings by some of our favorite authors, and we go every chance we get. Our friends might raise an eyebrow, saying that it’s an excuse for gluten-free restaurant shenanigans and a glass of wine, and maybe we wouldn’t argue too vehemently against their theory. At any rate, we had the privilege of hearing Julia Alvarez speak at the Schnitz, through Literary Arts and their Portland Arts & Lectures series. You already know how much of a fangirl I am for Literary Arts when I gave you the skinny on seeing Salman Rushdie last fall. In case you forgot, they rock! They put writers in the schools, do literary outreach in the community through Delve (I was a liaison!), and honor Oregon authors through the Oregon Book Awards. All fantastic stuff!

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