NaNoWriMo Week Two

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typewriternanoWhoops. Why is no one sitting at that desk pounding out the NaNo? I, like a few others, have hit the infamous NaNoWriMo Week Two Slump. In my defense (there’s always some sort of defense, right?) I had to muck through a rough patch for a few days and wasn’t feeling all that great. But, it’s a new week and I’ve got some of my mojo back! But I couldn’t have done it without a little help from my friends.

Here’s why my writing group is awesome:

During NaNo we decided to still meet. We wouldn’t do hardcore crazy edits like we normally do, but instead we would still read stuff and talk out where we’re hooked up in our pieces. That was totally awesome and I got a lot of help with getting the tension ramped back up in The Book. Plus, it’s Quinn’s birthday this month and we surprised him with cake and candles and sangria.

Elizabeth asked – Can we do a write in? Like all of us get together and just push through this thing? I could use the help. Of course we can! So this week we’ve organized one on campus with a few of our other friends who are also writing. It doesn’t matter that they aren’t in our writing group or that they are working on plays and other stuff. We’re so happy to get together and write with and support our creative friends.

I probably could have stopped at the candles and cake and sangria, and you would have understood how great this NaNo thing is going to get. But anyway, now I’m back in the writing! 37,201 words to go! I’ve got this thing!